Trece 7ev is a Hip Hop artist born from a legendary Hip-Hop family. 7ev comes with a versatile approach, conducting his own lane with a cadence that flows like smooth traffic. Originally from Newark, NJ, Trece 7ev was a witness to the negative aspects of the rap/hip hop scene and was advised to steer away from due to the criminal consequences that come in the music scene.

As a child, he enjoyed video games and sports as a first passion; however at age 17, he quickly realized his talent and vision that must come to fruition.

Respectfully coming from a home of music entertainers, his mother being a singer and his father a songwriter in the music scene, Trece 7ev saw a clear path from the footsteps of his parents. Some other influencers he was inspired by were Lil Wayne and Lil Durk.

In 2019, Trece 7ev signed an Indie deal with NIMG, elevating him to a new height to drop his first single "Stop Playing With Me" which went viral within a month after release! 2020 introduced "Winning" as a follow up.  Stay tuned for the long anticipated mixtape "Best Outta My City" and new videos for 2021.

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